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August 10, 2009
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Summer Dump by psychopony Summer Dump by psychopony
So uh, my summer has been quite uninteresting... as this odd assortment of sketches may imply. This is by no means the entire sum of my summertime-boredom doodles, but it is the majority of the suitable-for-public-view portion of them. :nod:

Here's a quick explanation so you don't think I've completely lost it:

Mostly Nameless Unicorn Dude, because his chunky head and unique mane are endlessly fun to draw.
The foofy-looking ones in the middle were inspired by the Andalusian Stallions I saw at Medieval Times. Mmm, sexy horsies. :P

Kaaz and Nix body refs= warming up for the figure-drawing class I'll have this semester. I need a lot of practice...
Emo-looking kitty is Orly/Gio- one kitty with two personalities. Think Jekyll and Hyde.
lol Mieu is a skank. >_>
After seeing the 6th HP movie, I noticed some startling (and believe-it-or-not unplanned) similarities between Kaaz and HP. Which provided me with a good half-hour of entertainment... :giggle:

World of Warcraft shiz:
My level 80 Tauren Druid (Feral), Jynxed. I made up most of whatever she's wearing, so ignore it. And OMG, I'm absolutely LOVING the new Cat and Bear forms!! :love: (that's that black lion thing, for all you non-WoWtards.)

Other Stuff:
I dunno. Like I mentioned earlier, I've been pretty bored. :o

They're randomly, yet painstakingly compiled in the most space-efficient manner via MS paint. I still haven't gotten a hold of a copy of Photoshop, which makes me a sad panda. :sniff:
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So-naa Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
How you doing?!?! Been a while!! I still love your art so much..!! Horses are my fave.. Have you been playing WOW???OMG!!! I wish we had played together. right now i have to quit cause I can't afford it!! What server?!?!
I still haven't gotten to 80 with any characters ..
psychopony Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
Long time no see!! I'm awright, considering I still break everything I touch lol. Horses are still my favorite too, as you can see. ;) How're you doin, btw? I've finally seen your art appearing in my inbox again!

When you can't afford a TV, you find yourself with a lot of spare time to play WoW haha. (Of course, that monthly fee is probably the reason I can't afford a TV in the first place...) Though, I've had to retire for a bit due to my most recent failure with the internet. :( I'm on Stormscale- it's an old, overpopulated pvp server, but it's my home. :giggle: Look me up if you ever get back on!
So-naa Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
Yep, slowly but surely!
That's true. I haven't had cable tv since 1998. >.<
But right now I can't play wow till I get some moneys for sub. Are you playing again?
psychopony Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009
Haha, who needs it? It's no where near as fun as the internet. ;)
Sub money... blah. I go at least a week without groceries for that stupid game. WHY am I so addicted??? Oh yeah. Cause it rocks. :XD: Ya, I fixed my internets so I'm right back into it. I just got my 2nd level 80 and I feel like such a dork. :blushes:
So-naa Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009
I knows right? Unless you are doing vegetating.. >.< Then it's a little harder.

DID YOU?!?! OMG XD Well I hear there's another expansion in the works in the future. I'm considering going back, but I'm not sure.. cause I made a friend!! o.o;; I haven't had an rl friends for a while so it's easy to play wow, with only school and work to distract me lol. I still might.. XD I'm actually trying to get some money through commissions to buy a subby again. Though if I get the money, we could do a cool thing, where you send me a scroll of resurrection ( free 10 days for a previous player who hasn't played for a few months) and when I renew my sub you get free month!! o.o But don't do it yet cause I don't have cash to get a sub yet.
psychopony Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
I know, the fourth one looks SO AWESOME! I'm a little disappointed in the new races though... goblins? Really? What a surprise. T_T The way they completely redesign Azeroth will be cool though- all exploded and whatnot. XD
Ooh, I've seen that little add in the corner by my account info! That would be a great idea- free play time is always a good thing! :giggle: We should do it, but under one condition- you have to make a toon on Stormscale. :D Just lemme know when you feel like starting back up again! :aww:
So-naa Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
Yah I like what they did last time too. Some of the places were changed. That really makes it a dynamic game. I am going to miss the barrens.. >.< But it's going to look crazy after the change. Have you heard of any possible release dates?

Thanks!! :) Isn't that an awsome incentive?? sure I'll make a toon on Stormscale. I just warn you I am a slow leveler. After all these years of playing, I still don't have a lvl 80! o.o;;; When we do it, remember to let me know what your character name is and everything. And you do horde right?
psychopony Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2009
It would make leveling a whole new experience for sure! :XD: No, not yet. Prolly won't be for at least a year though, judging on how long it took WotLK to finally come out. :insert eyeroll here:

It is! Hehe, don't worry. Believe it or not, so am I. lol The two 80s are Morphiene and Jynxed, but I'll let you know again when you are playing again. :D And ya, they're both Horde. Although you can now have characters from both factions on the same server... it's a little weird, I kind of want to try it. :o
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Darnilea Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Haha! These are awesome! :D
Love the Coffee Cat :heart: Think you could draw one with a Starbucks coffee for me? x)
psychopony Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
:aww: I might! I think it's be fun anyways... that drawing was a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing, I'd really like to do a better version some time. :D
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